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Creative ideas for Palm Sunday

Margaret Pritchard Houston, families' pastor at St George's Campden Hill, offers creative ideas for Palm Sunday:

"In the church I grew up in, there was one coming of age ritual for girls that was more important than any other.  Confirmation?  Rite 13?  No ... it was the year you finally were deemed old enough to read the part of the Servant Girl At The Fire in the congregational reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday.  That's when you knew it was time to put away childish things.

The reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday is often an emotional experience - we go from proclaiming Christ as King to calling for his crucifixion in a head-spinning 20 minutes.  If your children have Sunday School on Palm Sunday, here's one way to create that experience for them in an interactive, memorable way."

You can read more on her blog here


Seasonal Web Resources

Mary Hawes, the National Children's Adviser for the Church of England has sent round this list of links to resources for the coming season, from Lent, through Mothering Sunday up to Easter. It's pretty conclusive, but if you have suggestions for more sites then please do get in touch!

Mothering Sunday  Several talks, and near the end some intercessions. Two Mothering Sunday Talks from Martyn Payne  Ideas from the Mothers' Union Downloadable Mothering Sunday talk + Lent ideas for children from Christian Aid



Palm Sunday Liturgy of the Palms with children  A simple PowerPoint retelling of Palm Sunday from a child's point of view


Good Friday  Ideas from Carolyn Brown How one church used Good Friday Stations with children



General sites for Lent/Holy Week/Easter  The Church Year section has plenty of links for the season  Carolyn Brown's lectionary based ideas  Lots of ideas for the season from Barnabas in Churches You'll need to register (free) but then Scripture Union's Light Live will give you plenty of ideas for the season has lots of free resources. The Jesus and Me Trust have produced 500,000 copies of a CD about Easter, 10,000 of which have been made available to the Real Easter Egg company to distribute.  Click here to find more details of the resource and try it out online.


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